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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Close Call

Today I sat at an intersection in Tucson, AZ, waiting for the light to turn green. As I sat, a green car whizzed past me into the middle of the intersection, just in time to get hit by a truck turning left. I watched with amazement at the sight that unfolded before me. Everything seemed to happen in slow-motion. The sound of the metal; the explosion of glass that erupted into the street; the feel of my heart thumping in my chest... OH MY GOD!

And then, it was over. The green car pulled over to the right and the truck cleared the intersection. Stopped cars around me started to pull forward. I made a right turn, to ask the driver of the truck if he was okay... Shaken, he was okay (he was just a kid!). He was already on the phone with him mom who was calling the police. I hooked a u-turn and pulled over the green car. A young(er) girl was standing outside, surveying the damage. She looked upset. I asked if she was okay... She was; although pissed. "I thought I could clear the red light. But I guess I didn't." I tried to think of the right words to say. I couldn't. Instead, I asked if she had a cell phone to call someone. Then I asked if she had insurance. ...I think it was at this time I realized I was being an ass and a nuisance. I should just leave and let them figure it out...

Part of me wanted to be a good Samaritan today. Maybe part of me wanted to reach back in time and help my parents that fateful January day... But, being a helpful person was not in the cards.

Seems like destruction is following me: first the fires and now this car accident. This is a reminder to SLOW DOWN and be CAREFUL. You just never know what's coming around the next turn. Take time to tell people you love them; make sure you have insurance; enjoy the scenery a little more; don't rush Life too much.
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