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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Who Doesn't Miss A Little Pee On Their Shoes?

The road to happiness is filled with a lot of tears.

Last week I was in Las Vegas for a conference. I had such a great time - connecting with friends and former colleagues who like to talk "shop" over a margarita. It was great to have that big group-hug from people that you know and like.

But, even in Vegas, a girl can find herself lonely. As much as I loved having the time away from home, from work, from responsibility, I really missed it. I even cried in my room at one point... How nuts is that, right? I think I've come that point where lying in a bed by myself seems strange (I miss Blair) and not having a dog attack my legs (and pee on my shoes) when I come through the door is uninteresting.

For all the complaining that has been done, I really have a fabulous life. I love my "home" and those who are there. I love working in my job. I love talking to my mom a couple times a week and my grandma at least once. -Grandma even calls if I'm a couple days late... I love thinking about all the wonderful things that are to come in the months ahead -- like new furniture (and a marriage proposal!!!).

Sometimes those salty tears are just a way of reminding us: you're human. It's okay to miss home even when you're the popular one at the Vegas party.
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