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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Geography Is A BITCH

I seem to have a habitual bad habit of finding amazing men who don't live in the Los Angeles area. Maybe they all seem that much more amazing BECAUSE they don't live in the Los Angeles area. Of course, all men being bastards, I'm sure that if they were geographically desireable, I wouldn't like them as much. And let's be honest, there is great security in knowing that my life won't be too interrupted by dating someone who lives hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Here's a brief list: (names have been withheld to protect the "innocent")
Boy from Canada (dated for six months)
Boy from North Carolina (dated for a whole two weeks)
Boy from New York, who lived in L.A. and decided to move to Texas only to move back to New York once all was said and done
Boy in Colorado (let's not talk about this one)
Boy in Georgia
Boy in San Francisco (dated on and off again for a year - he's now married)
Boy in San Diego (dated a couple of times)
Oh, and of course we can't forget the famed boy in Las Vegas... he stole my heart...

Isn't this incredible? Even now, as I look back over the list, I can't help but wonder - WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD MEN IN L.A.?
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