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Most Normal Girl

Thursday, December 02, 2004


We’re not all made with WARNING LABELS. I’m sorry to break it to you. I don’t come with a warning label, a warranty, a troubleshooting manual, a customer service center, or any sort of device that will help you figure me out. I will admit to you this:

  • I am flawed.
  • I am INTENSE.
  • I like to ~~drive fast~~.
  • I am not mysterious or exotic - I am an All-American girl and always will be.
  • I’ll sometimes talk while chewing food.
  • I get neurotic at times.
  • I cry easily ~ especially during sappy movies.
  • I consider every first-date as a potential story to one day tell the grandchildren.
  • Given the choice between chocolate or sex, I will always choose BOTH.
  • I sing very badly.
  • I will be irrational at times.
  • I have cellulite and ugly toes - but will always try to hide both from you.

Please don’t hold these things against me. I know I’m not perfect (okay, not even close to it), but accept me for all these things and love me anyway. Along with such a list comes a very real, honest, passionate, funny, spirited, well-intentioned, weird, soulful, kind, and above all, LOVING, person. I hope you understand.
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