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Most Normal Girl

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

They Always Come Back

I have this theory about men... well, a few theories really but I'll just stick to one today... THEY ALWAYS COME BACK!

Let me explain. It would seem that in my recent dating experience, I have met some really great guys who don't know what a good thing they've found until it's too late. The realization of their good find usually doesn't hit until oh, about six months after the fact. Within the last two weeks, two men that I had dated earlier in the year CAME BACK. Not just came back, like "Hi, how are you?" but rather "Hi, how are you? Want to sleep together again?" Uhhh... yeah... Both of them have even said that they had thought about me a lot during those six months! Is this just a line or what...?

And it's not just these two! There have been others! I suppose I should feel good that I had made such an impression, but dammit, get a clue when we're actually dating! Nowadays, I should just tell men who want to stop seeing me, "That's fine; you'll be back in six months."

Usually, it's just one guy that comes back. The only guy that I really WANT to come back: Joe. And of course his timing is impeccable - he always calls or shows up just when I've moved on in my life. It's sort of funny, but at the same time, disheartening.

What is it about guys? The right ones always COME BACK at the wrong time.
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