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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Not North... Not East

MOOOO... That's what I feel like saying every time I fly a certain airline. I hate it. They have this stupid system whereby all the passengers are put into groups (A, B, or C) - based on what, I really don't know. The A group gets to board first, then B, then C. It used to be first come, first serve - once you checked in (either at the counter or at the gate) you got a number and then everyone boarded the plane based on their number. But now, you can check-in online and avoid the wait in line. How unfair is that to the guy who gets there an hour early, but now has to wait because he was put into the "C" group? Now he has to sit at the back of the plane just because he didn't get to be Internet happy at midnight? Oh no, I'm sorry - he isn't quite old enough to make it into the "pre-boarding" line... Something's wrong here...

Fortunately, this system works in my favor. I usually print up my boarding pass before I get to the airport and am one of those obnoxious people who gets there early and sits right in front. AND next to the window! Ha! But, it still sucks that we all now have to wait on the ground until the rush to the door begins. -Nevermind those jerks who cut in line, just because they happened to be standing close by.

What happened to the days of assigned seating? Is it really so difficult? This way, people know exactly what they're in store for - no worries about where you're going to fit your luggage, what time you arrive to the airport, if you and the hubby are going to sit next to one another... you know, how NORMAL airlines do it. Whoever came up with this lame idea should be shot.

But then again, you get what you pay for right?
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