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Friday, November 05, 2004


There is a very strange thing that I've noticed occurs on our beloved 405 freeway. As I sat in traffic Wednesday night, going from Palos Verdes up to Woodland Hills, I was reminded of a very peculiar phenomenon... Between Culver City and Westwood, there is a stretch of the freeway that is divided by a short wall. Now, when you get a bunch of people sitting in their cars on the freeway on a boring afternoon we all start to watch one another. You sort of develop a bond with the other drivers in the lane next to you, notice the ones who are too "cool" to notice you, or desperately try to avoid eye contact with others. Well, as I was sitting in this fantastically slow traffic I really started to pay attention to drivers on the other side of the freeway. In most instances, they were paying attention to us on our side, too. While I only had a few seconds to watch each person (or persons) in their vehicles, it was fascinating!

After a few minutes, I could identify "types" of people based on their cars. There were the soccer moms in their big-ass SUVs, corporate men on their cell phones (driving luxury cars, of course), college students or other twenty-somethings in their hand-me-down cars (this would include me), red-neck guys in trucks with wheels that were taller than me (I know, I'm short, but come on!), old-lady bimbos with blonde hair and face-lifts driving the Mercedes, and the short little gardners who check out any woman who seems to have a pulse. I could usually guess the type of person that was going to be driving the car, just based on my stereotype. That's of course not to say that there weren't a few anomalies to my rule - they were just few and far between.

Well, of course, there were a couple of guys that caught my attention. I thought about making a sign saying "Hey! Wish you were on my side so I could flirt with you!" but didn't have a pen ready or available. Next time... next time...

The 405: most people hate it. I've found an entertaining bright spot in this horrid Monster. Next time you're there - check it out. (If you're sitting in traffic, it won't be hard to miss!)
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