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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


These last two days have been... well, interesting, to say the least. Here's a little slice of my life...

Sunday - I woke up enough to take a shower, put on a robe, and promptly take a three hour nap before heading to the Ritz Carlton Hotel for a fancy shmancy dinner. My friend from Texas is in town and we got to sit next to each other during the dinner. I got to hear about how all of my other friends are having sex (threesomes, even!), and reminded of how I'M NOT! Dammit...

Monday - I was put in charge of a thingy at work that was sort of a big deal. So, after hours of stress and anxiety the program ended on a high note, happy to report - thank you very much - and I headed home. Now, because I didn't have a chance to get much sleep the night before (I was up until 3:30am in the morning, on the phone, which turned out to be a DISASTER - boy trouble, of course) I was exhausted. BUT, since I'm a glutton for punishment, I talked with a friend until all hours of the evening...

Tuesday - Today was a good day. Work was busy - but a good kind of busy. The rain moved in late this afternoon which makes for an awesome evening to curl up next to a fire and drink loads of hot chocolate. The lights on our balcony look very festive and I'm in my "comfort zone," sweats and all... (Random tangent: There is a pinched nerve or something on the right side of my ass, so all day, my ass has been twitching. Even as I sit here now, my ass is twitching... Ugh...)

So, that's it.

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