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Most Normal Girl

Thursday, December 30, 2004

He's 19 (And Good At It)


I can't believe you're 19 today. Where has the time gone?

So many memories fill my mind and so much love is in my heart. Even though you pooped and peed on me as a baby... Even though you got me so MAD that I chased you around with a knife, once... Even though you jumped out and scared me because you thought it was funny (well, until I started hitting you)... Even though you got that damn RCA dog that was soooo cute and then never played with it ~ but wouldn't let me have it, either... Even though I still pay for trips to the movies... Even though you loaned me your car with a bunch of shit in the trunk and a weird "boy funk" that never quite left the backseat... Even though you pinned me down and hung a big goo of spit over my face...

Godspeed, Little Man.

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