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Most Normal Girl

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Day

Okay, it's been a random day already:

1. This morning I saw a gimp three-legged cat! If the fatty wasn't being so well-taken care of, I may have picked up the little booger to bring home and show people. ("Hey everybody! Come look at my gimpy three-legged cat!") I REALLY wanted to go out and try to scare it, just to see how it would run... but that would just be too cruel. (I'm demented.)

2. I ATE SHIT today! If it wasn't so funny, my ego would probably be bruised right about now, but it was F*ING HILARIOUS! I was getting out my friend's car at lunch and I stepped onto a piece of grass that had a divet in it. I lost my footing and before I knew it, I was on all fours (in my white pants) laughing hysterically. I didn't hurt myself, which is good, but my sides were sort of hurting because of all the laughter. The worst part is that this occurred right in front of a psychic's place - so the bitch was probably in the window, waiting for it to happen.

3. I spent the last hour on the phone with the one person who makes me turn stupid. And he likes me for it. ...This just keeps getting better and better...

It's only two o'clock and I still have the rest of the day to go.
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