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Thursday, August 18, 2005


People who steal ideas from others for their own personal gain drives me nuts. Yet, we all do it.

I used to work with a guy - let's call him Dave - who would do this. Dave and I shared a wall between our offices. He was a real political nut; loved everything about politics. He would have long conversations with people in his office (other staff members, mind you, who SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORKING) that would drive me bonkers. The walls were thin, so I couldn't help but overhear much of the conversation that was at hand. Anyway, one day, Dave came out with a book. A book of politics that he wrote. The thing is - he didn't write it. You see, Dave had had so many conversations with people and STOLE so many other people's opinions and views that he compiled a book and made a profit for himself! How LOW is that?!?!

I was one of these victims. I remember after the book came out, I was standing in his office - probably talking about sports - when the conversation took a turn. I was quickly standing on my own soap box talking about...whatever, when I realized that Dave was taking "notes" on what I was saying. So, I stopped talking. I looked at him pointedly and asked, "Are you taking notes on what I'm saying?" He looked up at me, with a sheepish grin, and replied, "Yes." I didn't finish my train of thought. I was outraged. I told him that I wanted due credit for what I had been talking about because those were MY ideas and MY opinions. Too bad you can't copywrite your oral words, huh? (Giggle, giggle, I said ORAL.)

Dave ended up getting into Dartmouth for Graduate School - with a fellowship - because of the book. If it wasn't for that book, he couldn't have gotten into Podunk University because of all the rocks in his head. You can see how I feel about this.

As much as I am pissed about it, I understand the motivation behind it. I steal other peoples' jokes and funny quips to seem witty to my friends. So, I guess you can say I'm as much as a thief as Dave. But he's a whole lot richer and I'm... well, just stuck here ranting about it...
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