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Most Normal Girl

Sunday, December 04, 2005


I feel numb. Figuratively and literally.

Life is out of balance right now. The Native Americans call that, "Koyannisqatsi."

Nothing feels good. Nothing feels safe. My world has turned upside down since being on the East Coast; which makes me question everything.

What is most important in life? Is it relationships with others? Is it family? Is it happiness and well-being? Is it success? I always thought it was a combination of things. But what do you do when you come to a cross-road? When you can make a choice that will determine the course of the rest of your life? People will look at you, will judge you, based on that decision. What if fate has other plans and you don't get to make that decision?

I don't believe in fate. I believe we all make our own decisions (either consciously or not) and that accidents really do happen. I believe in love. And I believe in the right to fight for all that you hold sacred.

I think I've lived a life that has been true to who I am - for better or for worse. My choices and experiences have made me a better, stronger, woman today. I can only hope that others see the value in who I am and the choices I've made.
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