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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Thanksgiving Holiday

Going home for the Thanksgiving Holiday was a happiness-induced high. I was so happy as I looked out the airplane window early last Wednesday morning and waved good-bye to the falling snow and to Boston. As much as I love it here, and love being back in school, nothing can replace the feeling of coming "home" for the Holidays.

My dad picked me up from the airport and my vacation truly began. I spent quality time with the folks, the grandparents and with Blair. I took pleasure in the smallest of moments - sometimes just looking around to take it all in was enough.

This is a pic of my wild parents. Or maybe the parents aren't wild, but the person taking the picture doesn't know what shutter speed to use...

All the way around, things were just fun and GOOD. I ate too much food and might have drank a little here and there, but damn, I deserved it.

Besides feeling good, there was so much more to appreciate. Family, friends, wine, FOOTBALL... you know, the usual. I was reminded, yet again, that I am not quite the tomboy that I was as a kid - I suck at throwing a football around. Unless it's made out of rubber; then I do okay. Seriously, I throw like a girl. This photo is of Blair, my grandfather, and the damn dog, who were out chasing the ball around. (Dad is off to the left somewhere.)

The whole crew (well, most of them at least) went over to my cousin's house for Turkey Day. We took this photo to send to my brother, in Iraq. We had to take it twice because we couldn't figure out who was going to take the photo and where we were all going to stand. In the room off to the right all the food was sitting on tables, getting cold. Trying to have everyone stand in one place for two minutes was next to impossible. After the second picture was taken there was a rush to the food.

I had my dinner next to the pool outside in the 70 degree weather. Back in Boston, it was snowing. Some people have said that they can't imagine a Thanksgiving with such warm weather - but I've never known anything else.

Driving to the airport on Sunday morning was torture. Every inch closer hurt even more. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to say good-bye to everything that is important to me. Sometimes I wish Boston was next to LA - even with all the snow. I just hate being so far away. And I miss my car.

Ah, the Holidays are here. And with it comes all the stress, the headache of travel, the family drama, the fat tummies, the shopping, the wrapping, the music and the SPIRIT. It's my favorite time of year - for all of these reasons, and then some. I'm just thankful to be here to enjoy it.

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