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Monday, October 31, 2005

Single, Plus One

It has recently come to my attention that I haven't changed part of my introduction, when you look at the heading of my blog. More specifically, that I'm not "single" anymore.

Okay, okay. Let me explain something... My mother always told me that I will be a single girl (technically) until there is a ring on my finger. I'm free to see whomever I want to, until then. If I decide that engagement and wedding plans are not for me, I'm allowed to have a boyfriend the rest of my life - but still remain single. (Yeah right, as if I would ever want to be single the rest of my life!)

As we all know, the real world doesn't exactly work like that. It's not as black and white - ring, no ring. Yes, I'm in a relationship. Sans ring, I'm still considered taken. Any guy who tries to approach me will quickly get the alert: I HAVE A BOYFRIEND (sometimes, not so subtly).

So, while I may not exactly be the single girl who is on the prowl, I'm still the "single" girl + one. And I love the +. In this lame attempt to clear up the confusion, I hope this helps.

To sum it all up: When I check the box on my tax forms, I still check "single."
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