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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Still Got It

Okay, real quick. This morning, as I battled this nasty weather (which really wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so damn windy), I boarded the bus as usual. Two stops away, however, a guy boarded the bus. I noticed his big-ass umbrella as we pulled up, so I continued to watch him. "Where did he get that;" "I wonder if it's too hard to handle with the wind;" are thoughts that ran through my mind. Then, "WHOA, he's cute."

He saw me, and started to walk toward my area of the bus. He sat a few feet in front of me, at an angle toward my direction. He kept looking at me. Finally, I smiled and he smiled back. Now, if I was a single girl, this might be the time when I start to panick. Should I look away? Do I say something? I wonder what stop he's going to get off at. He kept looking at me.

Luckily, I'm not a single girl so none of these thoughts went through my mind. Okay, the one about which stop he was going to get off at, did. I had decided to ride the bus all the way into the station this morning so I could stop at the bank. Usually, I get off one stop before, at Cambridge Common.

Cambridge Common approached. He stood up and looked at me, again. I looked back. Usually I would get off here. Do I abandon the bank and see where he's headed? No, what would be the point? He picks up his umbrella. It has HARVARD and the logo on the side of it. He's a student. What school, I wonder.

I watch him deboard the bus and head off in a different direction than I would have gone. I decide this is a good thing.

In my single, non-boyfriend, life I would have treated this whole experience differently. I wouldn't have been so casual - I would have DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Granted, I would have nearly pissed my pants in the process, but still.

I'm so glad I don't have to deal with weird, possibly akward, men situations. I have someone who still makes my heart race and who I know loves me, at home. Thoughts of him help me get through the roughest of days and are a constant reminder that I'm not alone - even in stormy weather.

I love my girl-friend life and would never trade it in for singlehood.
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