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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Advice From Those Who Have Gone Before

Tonight, as tired as I was, I decided to go to dinner with a few friends. Two of the friends had some experience with this program - one is a graduate (from last year) and one is a part-time student who has been in it for a year. They met in the program and are now engaged. (Aw, how cute, I know.) They both gave me some really valuable advice about everything that is going on these days.

1. Don't take things too seriously
2. Don't make any big or life-altering decisions while under stress ~ big decisions should be made with a level head
3. Know that we will all get through this program (as one person put it, even the worst person in the program gets an Ed.M.)
4. Don't let your health be sacrificed for stress
5. Remember to take advantage of everything here ~ it goes by so fast

I think #2 struck a chord with me. I definitely have NOT had a level head, lately, and I KNOW I'm not thinking clearly.

Before I came here, I was a reasonable and rational person (mostly). Now, I feel like a ball of neurotic stress - and everything is wrapped up in a hazy fog.

Please don't ask me complicated questions. Or even easy questions - even those are complicated. My heart might be in the right place, but my head is not. Trying to articulate ANYTHING takes effort.

And now I'm feeling this overwhelming need to clarify everything. What is with me? Oh, neurosis, please go away...

P.S. - It is 32 degrees outside right now.
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