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Most Normal Girl

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Happiness is...

*Getting up at 4:00AM to leave for the airport where you will greet your boyfriend.
*Seeing your boyfriend after weeks of loneliness, wrapping your arms around him and feeling "home" all over again.
*Having the whole weekend ahead to keep hugging your boyfriend.
*Going shopping, even when you hate it, because your planning a party for your friends.
*Eating lunch at a Western restaurant while your boyfriend tries to throw peanuts down your shirt.
*Driving through New England and taking pictures of all the beautiful trees.
*Welcoming friends into your home and going through 4 bottles of wine in no time.
*Watching a rain storm outside your window.
*Dancing by the glow of candlelight with the person you love.
*Waking up the next morning wondering what surprises are still to come.
*Sleeping in.
*Walking through the park.
*Going to a show, when you weren't expecting it.
*Having your boyfriend pick banana out of your hair and clean off your face, after the show.
*Going to a movie to avoid going home.
*When you go home, you cuddle.
*Getting lost trying to drive around Boston.
*Blaming bad Boston signage for getting lost.
*Going to a Colts/Patriots game.
*Walking around a parking lot with your boyfriend, with no direction, while you freeze your ass off.
*Being told that your seats at the football game are in the no alcoholic beverages section.
*Drinking beer fast so that you can get to your seats in the no alcoholic beverages section.
*Talking with fans around you about a bogus no alcoholic beverages section.
*Making friends with the obnoxious fan who heckles everyone else - but likes you, so that's okay.
*Watching your boyfriend get excited about his team winning the game.
*Falling asleep on the way home.
*Arriving home after 2:00AM.
*Asking your boyfriend if he was scared when we almost crashed on the way home.
*Staying up for two more hours when you both know you'll have to be up early in the morning.
*Skipping class to spend more time with your boyfriend.
*Loving every moment together.
*Thinking "this just keeps getting better."
*Realizing that you've fallen in love with your boyfriend all over again.
*Knowing that you can't wait to see him again, only five minutes after he's left.
*Finding notes around your apartment, and in your coat pocket, reminding you of how much your boyfriend loves you.
*Excited about seeing him again for the Thanksgiving Holiday - only two weeks away.
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