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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Week From Hell

If you read the update a few days ago, you know that I'm in the throws of my "shit" week. On top of the normal lunacy of all the reading assingments, I have two papers due and a group (power point) presentation. Plus, since Blair is coming in over the weekend and I won't be able to work on Monday, I'm working an extra 8 hour shift at work.

Yesterday someone gave me chocolate/caramel kisses. I put them in my sweatshirt pocket and didn't think much of them. I took my sweatshirt off and stuck it someplace. Hours later I put it back on, just before I stepped outside to go home. The chocolates had melted. My pocket was now a caramel goo mess. I couldn't put my hands in there (it was way too icky) but it was also cold last night. So my hands froze during the walk home.

As if that weren't enough, I got my period. Mother Nature always does that - somewhere, She is laughing, I just know it. That bitch.

My crappy week just keeps getting better.
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