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Most Normal Girl

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Old Man Winter

Winter has arrived. And with it, the snow.

I took a couple of pictures outside my living room window. You can't really get the full effect, but at least an idea...

I feel bad for everyone who has to drive in this - shoveling out a car and wiping it down with a brush doesn't sound like a good time to me...

My friend and I are going to go shoe shopping in about an hour - I'm not prepared to walk in this. If I'm going to have to tolerate the cold for the next few months, I want my feet to be warm and DRY.

This is how winter is supposed to be. Even as a kid, in sunny Southern California, there was something innately wrong with warm weather in winter. I like the snow - I've never lived in it - so I'm looking forward to this. (Half of you reading this are laughing at me right now, I just know it.)

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