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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Morning Juggle

Every morning, on my way into work, I join the circus for about a minute.

Let me explain. I'm one of those women who generally carries a big purse with her at all times - it's annoying to have so much stuff and so much weight, but I honestly need everything in there... the lipstick, the cell phone, the wallet, the book, the keys, the sunglasses, the driving glasses, the Kleenex, the bills I eventually have to pay, the tampons, the pens, etc. But I also like to stop at Starbucks for my giant vat of caffeine and for the butter croissant (mmm... delicious). And recently, I've purchased a small(er) space heater for my office and for my side of the bed at home - which, of course, means that it comes with me TO work and TO home each day. Throw in a couple of cds (or a stack) for good measure.

If you have been keeping track, that's about five things that I'm trying to carry as I make my way into the office. All of our doors are locked, naturally, so I also have to keep a hand free to unlock the doors and get myself upstairs to my office where I can unload. So far, I've done a good job of not dropping anything really important, spilling all over myself, or losing my balance. And every morning it's the same thing. You would think I would have this down to an art - but every morning I curse myself for having so much SH!T.

I may not have any special talent or skill - but this should definitely become part of my resume.
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