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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Trader Joes Employees Have It Gooooood

I know that these are hard times and having a job is among the most important things in the world to most. But, honestly, right now I'm wondering "AT WHAT COST?"

There are days when I wish I could have a job with no responsibility. I'm exhausted by work - actually, the last 13 months or so that I've been there have been exhausting. I wake up each day with an ache in my stomach; my face is breaking out; I'm tense all the time; I see more gray hairs; I see more stress lines in the form of deep wrinkles; I'm losing sleep; and tonight I broke out in a rash just talking about my day.

I need my job - or rather - I need my paycheck. I just don't know if losing years off my life (OR MY SANITY) is worth all this stress. There are days when working as a bagger at the local grocery store seems very appealing.

Anyone with me on this one?
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