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Monday, December 29, 2008

Tears Times Two

I've only seen Blair cry once... that was when he was leaving Boston - just having spent a week moving me in to school. Last night was the second.

As you know, I have gushed over the awesome book Marley & Me. Knowing full well that I was over-the-moon for this story, Blair said that it was okay for us to go see the movie. We both knew how it was to end (SPOILER ALERT!: it's a story about life and love with a dog... how do you *think* it ends?). The movie theater was packed. Nearly two hours in, there wasn't a dry-eye in the place. All around, one could hear people sniffling and see people wiping the tears away. Among these people, was Blair. He was desperately trying to "hold it in" but the water works were too much. Everyone was a mess... BUT IT WAS SO GOOD!

If you're a dog-lover, this story warms your heart. It makes you want to go home and hug your dog. And that's exactly what we did... Bailey got extra-special attention last night.
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