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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're Planning A Wedding!

To maintain our sense of normalcy (I have to live up to the name of my blog), Blair and I have decided to hire a wedding coordinator. HOORAY! I'm thrilled to have the relief of knowing that on the big day, we won't have to stress - someone else will be doing it for us!

So... if you're keeping count... that's one thing done. I think there are about 400 more "to do" items to get done. Um, yeah. One thing at a time, right?

And since it's Tuesday, Blair and I have decided to try to visit a few prospective wedding venues this weekend. I've sent e-mails to those that are at the top of our list. Keep your fingers crossed that we find one, available for our date, and within our price range.

Mom and Dad have been very generous in their support for us. They, too, want a beautiful wedding and have agreed to help us. THANKS SO MUCH MOM AND DAD! Our day is going to be so wonderful - filled with family, friends, flowers and photography!

Every now and then, I wonder, "is this really happening?" It seems so surreal. I've been dreaming out this process and looking forward to a wedding for so long. Now that it is here, it seems far-fetched. WE'RE PLANNING A WEDDING! I keep expecting to wake up from this wonderful dream. But it's not a dream; it's REAL. And it feels even more real everyday that I get to share it with Blair. These last few weeks, we kiss a little more, we hold hands everywhere, we giggle more, we cuddle longer, and we're both eager to call the other "fiance" at every opportunity. (Seriously, as I typed that last sentence, I could feel myself blushing and a little giggle crept out.) You would think that we were kids in a candy store. In some ways, I guess we are!

I can't wait for more to come. I'm so excited!
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