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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mawidge...Mawidge Is What Bwings Us Togewer Today...

My brother is married.

In a beautiful ceremony held this past Saturday, my little brother Scott married his love, Melissa. It couldn't have been a more perfect day with laughter and love (and even a few tears of happiness) abound. There were about 220 people at the ceremony and reception. I think our "side" of family and friends made up about 40 of those... we're small, but mighty! I displayed dance moves that haven't come out in years - it was so much fun!

I've been a bridesmaid for a number of friends and family but none of them were as calm and relaxed on the wedding day as this one. I felt like we were hanging out most of the day instead of rushing from one place to the next. -That was great. We even had a chance to do some bonding time before the ceremony started.

Scott is really lucky to be married to not only a woman who is fabulous, but also to an amazing family. Her family has embraced my brother and genuinely loves him like he's one of their own. Likewise, the parents get along. It's a rare situation - but how fortunate!

So, for my parents, it's "one down, one to go!" Eh, all in good time...

For now, I'm just happy to celebrate my bro.

Congratulations, Scott and Melissa!

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