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Monday, March 09, 2009

Cinderella Can Suck It

I love Disney and I love the characters that Walt & Friends have created.

But as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to be the prettiest princess EVER on my wedding day. (Take THAT Snow White! In your FACE Sleeping Beauty!) My dress came in and I was able to pick it up this past Saturday... To say the least, it's prettier than I remembered!

I stood there, in front of the mirror, looking at myself and thinking this is real; now I get to wear the dress. For someone who thought (for a long time) that this day might not come, it was a bigger deal than I let on to my mom and bridesmaids who were with me. A rush of emotion came over me but all I could do was giggle and ask WHAT NOW? Our wedding is still six months away and I have to wait THAT LONG to put on the dress! UGH, this may be the best kind of torture there is!

When I was a kid, there was a standard measure of a good dress: how high does the skirt go up when I spin around in circles? The higher, the better. This standard has not worn off over the years... This past Saturday, when my bridesmaids were looking at dresses in the store, my mom and I went into the dressing room to start to put on the wedding dress. I had to first put on the petticoat/underskirt and as soon as it was on, the twirling began. I haven't done that in YEARS and it felt so good! From my perspective, it was a beautiful sight - just to watch the air rise from under the skirt and lift it to a low spinning cloud of white... MAGIC, I TELL YOU.

I doubt I'll have a chance to twirl or spin on my BIG DAY, but to do it in that dressing room with my mom at my side made me feel five again. The giddiness continues...
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