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Most Normal Girl

Monday, February 07, 2005

Human Nature

What is it with men in uniform? I mean, you would think that the world would stop spinning when a fireman, a policeman, a lifeguard, a military guy, a baseball player, or any other tight body of a man would walk into a room.

Case in point: I had lunch at a deli shop today and while I was standing at the counter, two uniformed lifeguards walked in. There were only women working at the time and all of them - I'm not kidding - started talking a little sweeter, smiled a little broader, and laughed a little more. One woman even looked at me with these eyes that said "WOW - look what just walked in! We're so lucky!" It's the weirdest phenomenon to observe... You would have thought that these were the last two men on the planet and we were the lucky women who would get to procreate with them.

Why is it that women do this when hot guys walk into a room? It's the most primal thing ever... And I'm just so fascinated with it! I even caught myself walking with a little sway in my hips. And they weren't even that good-looking! But they had those uniforms... grrrrr...

Men, you might want to invest in a uniform if you find yourself a little lonely - it seems to work wonders!
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