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Monday, September 12, 2005

And So It Begins

Today was my first day of Graduate School! WHOO HOO!

(This is me taking a bite out of an apple, metaphorically speaking)

It was a good first day. Even though I got out of my apartment late I got to school on time. I got to take my first bus to school - I never did as a kid, so this was kind of exciting. I met a guy named Carlos on the bus, who picked me out as being a newbie to the city in no time flat. He and his wife and two kids moved out here about a month ago from Portland. Even though he may be a little more experienced with the bus system, I have a feeling we will be commiserating together when the weather turns.

Speaking of which... It was frickin' HOT today. The last week was really nice and mostly comfortable, but today was just HOT. And windy. And muggy. It wasn't all that nice - but at least I was indoors most of the time and could avoid the HOTness.

So, I get to school, hear a few speakers, attend a few sessions on Financial Aid and Student Services, and then we have our lunch. We had been put into pre-assigned Orientation Groups, just to lunch with one another. Our "leader" was a doctoral student who gave us a few tips on things in the area, safety, resources, and other stuff that I sort of tuned out after a while. But the most interesting part of the lunch was meeting two other students from my cohort. We have already decided that we are going to go on a shopping excursion for winter clothes - YAY. I'm not one for shopping, but I have a feeling that THIS trip may be memorable; at least worthwhile.

Later in the day the entire cohort met together for the first time. We all went around and introduced ourselves. While the others were talking about who they are, where they come from, what they're all about, and blah, blah, blah, I couldn't help but feel that maybe I don't belong here. Every person that spoke was more impressive than the last. I literally felt like "the most normal girl" in a room full of exceptional people. If they don't speak three languages, then they've been working at the greatest job ever, for the most wonderful company/school, implementing policy and curing cancer while trekking the globe and raising three kids. And the next book will be released at the end of the month. And oh yes, my mistake, they don't speak three languages - IT'S FIVE.

The coolest thing about them, though, is that THEY REALLY ARE VERY COOL PEOPLE. They're nice, funny, LOUD, silly, personable and obviously smart. I like them all very much - and I'm looking forward to getting to know them as the year progresses.

As our first "event" together, we all went to a bar. Yeah, baby. A few of the alum students showed up to socialize with us and extend us some advice. It was going really well until a guy came over - who had sort of been "eyeing" me for a while. He introduced himself as David and proceeded to turn his attention to me. In front of everyone, he says "You're Jessica, right?" Now, at this point, I'm feeling a little nervous and TOTALLY confused. He continues to say that we met one another at a college fair and that we know each other. All of a sudden it hits me -- OH MY GOD I DATED HIM. Of course I did. Because I can't go 3000 miles away and NOT run into someone that I dated in L.A. ...DAMMIT. Anyway, it was only one date - which was NOT good - and we never spoke after that. Until now. DAMMIT.

So after the bar, I decided to head home. I found the bus station and knew which bus to pick up. So I waited. And waited. And waited. An hour passed and I was still there, waiting. I couldn't help but think (over and over and over again), if I had walked I could have been home by now. I finally found someone to ask what the hell was going on - and realized I had been standing at the wrong place. I had to go upstairs. OOPS. I caught the bus about 45 seconds later and was home within ten minutes.

And here I am; watching Monday Night Football, eating popcorn and drinking the left-over Coke Zero in the fridge. My apartment is still a mess - but it can wait. It's not like I have to clean-up for anyone. (COOL.)

Have a good night, everyone!
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