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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hello Out There!

I'm waving at all of you from the other coast!!!

I'm no longer the single, twenty-something girl, living in Southern California. I'm now the twenty-something girl, who has the most fantastic boyfriend on the planet, living in Boston.

To all of my friends and family who frequent this site: THANKS! Thanks for all of your patience and understanding over these past few weeks. I'm so sorry that I didn't have a chance to spend more quality time with all of you - who knew that moving was so stressful? Why didn't anyone tell me? The support and kindness that all of you have shown me is truly overwhelming; thank you, thank you, thank you.

To all of you who are new to this site or visit every once in a while: HIYA! I recently moved to Boston (said like BAW-STON) to pursue graduate studies. I started this little site as an outlet to write about the daily happenings and observations of life - but it has since morphed into... well, I'll let you decide. Anyway, welcome.

I moved out here a little over a week ago. Taking a red eye flight, Blair and I arrived on Saturday morning. That day was soooo loooong. We caught a cab to my new apartment (an expensive fare, for only going a few miles), met the "Super" (Matt), walked about a mile to get breakfast, walked back, started unpacking, decided we would need a car for the week, went and got the car for the week (which is no small feat), ate, did a few errands (I needed SO MUCH STUFF), made a few trips up and down the elevator, did a lot of walking, and yadda, yadda, yadda. I know I'm forgetting a whole bunch of stuff here, but it's late and I've been crying a lot today.

A side note, here. We parked the car in a garage - we were going to Fenway Park, for the FIRST TIME - and we parked on the 3rd floor. Let me clarify: 3B. We took the stairs down, and as we were descending, I noticed some graffiti that I have become so familiar with living in Los Angeles the past twenty-something years. On level 2B (not to be confused with 2A), someone had written underneath 2B "OR NOT TO BE." How original. What cracks me up about this whole thing is that - in L.A., it's easy to come across graffiti that is unreadable, or makes absolutely no sense. But in Boston, where the concentration of schools of higher learning are more concentrated than Starbucks coffeehouses on the street corners in Seattle, graffiti is "smart" and readable. Oh, those witty college students.

The days following were a little more restful. We managed to find our way around to a few neighboring cities and locate the prominent places. I think we visited Target at least four times in four days... a place which Blair LOVES to go (she said with a sarcastic tone).

We also managed to take in two Red Sox vs. Angels games - which was AWESOME. What was even more AWESOME was when we got to the Thursday game two hours early, watched the teams warm-up, and Bud Black (pitching coach for the Angels) gave Blair a warm-up ball. I know -- totally awesome. Then we went and sat behind home plate, in the loge section. The awesomeness continued. Until both of us got headaches and we were in desperate need of drugs. But we stayed to watch the Angels win the game.

Even with all the running around, I think we both added five pounds to our mid-sections. It's definitely time to get back in shape. And what better way to start than to take up bicycling?

I took my first bike ride to my new home today, coming back from the airport. But I'll get to this in a minute.

I don't even want to begin to know what the total sum of my credit card charges was for the week. I spent soooo much money. It turns out, that, not only is moving stressful, but it is EXPENSIVE. Who knew? I bought a t.v., a DVD player, a bike, a bookshelf unit, a tool kit, a backpack, 26 pairs of underwear (I know I packed all of mine, but for the life of me, I can't find them in any of my luggage or the boxes I shipped), toiletries, a hand vacuum, a microwave, groceries, linens, towels, AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF. It adds up - and it adds up quickly! Plus, since we really didn't have a whole lot in the refrigerator, we ate out a lot - adding to the five pounds and thinning our wallets. G-R-E-A-T.

So today was the day that I was dreading. I knew it was coming, but still felt totally unprepared. Today Blair left and I was left alone. Saying good-bye to him was gut-wrenching. I did my best to keep some sort of composure, but once he was out of sight, I cried with everything I had inside me. It was my final good-bye. I found my way out of the airport, to the shuttle bus, to the blue line, to the green line, to the red line, to the parked bike we had dropped off earlier in the day, and ultimately, I found my way to my new home. Alone. I had to get off and walk a couple of times because my legs hurt, and well, because my eyes were too teary to see straight. When I walked through the front door all I could do was collapse. I was exhausted - physically and emotionally. I cried the hardest here - just because I could. But as soon as I was able to collect myself, I found pieces of "home" all over. I saw pictures of and cards from friends and family who are still near. I found little notes Blair had left for me, telling me he loves me. I found some sort of comfort in my new surroundings.

So here I am. It's a little past midnight and I'm waiting to hear from Blair - just to make sure he arrived safely in L.A. I may be a few thousand miles away from the LIFE I left behind, but I'm still the same girl - going through all the same-girl things that all twenty-something other girls go through. I'm going to be okay, when all is said and done. Part of the fun in this whole journey will be moments just like this - sitting in a living room, in an unfamiliar city, staying up late and wondering what new adventures I'll have tomorrow...

Goodnight, from Bean Town.
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