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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday Party Photos

Me and Jon in front of the tree. We had just finished doing a taste-test of about six different beers; you can't see, but I'm holding two other beers in the other hand. Good times, good times...

Here's Brooke - our comic relief. LOVE this girl. ~Oh, and that's Kevin in the background. Rock on party people, rock on!

Matt and Scott hanging out in the kitchen. I learned more about these two guys in one night than I have all semester. I couldn't stop laughing with them. Magic memories...

Ashley and Jarrid hanging cool. ...Or something like that...

Sarah smiles for the camera. She was multitasking - cooking the hors d'oeuvres and drinking... my kind of girl!

Kerri, Mike, Mike's fiancee Gina, Erby, and Rachel. At one point there were nearly 40 people in the house - spilling over into the hallways.

Our resident Dancing Queen - Bryn. She was the entertainment for the evening and she was CRACKING us up!!!

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