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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Girl Friends

Girlfriends are the greatest. Who else can you turn to for relationship advice, sappy movies, quiet conversation, giggles for the hell of it, CHOCOLATE, bitching about life, and beauty secrets? They pull you out of the trenches when the going gets tough and tell you to get off your ass when you've gained those unseemly ten extra pounds.

I never appreciated girl friends until my twenties. As a kid, I enjoyed playing with the boys - if not by myself - much more than the girls. Boys had better toys (with the exception of Barbie and My Little Pony). In elementary school, boys were fun for beating up on the playground or kicking their ass in sports - I was quite fiesty back then. Girls just giggled a lot and ran to the bathroom in packs.

But as time went on and the boys got weirder, the girls seemed to become allies. They give better hugs, at least. And they understand what a wink across a table means... that's very important. The wink can tell you "just kidding," can mean "just go with it," or can signify a reference to a person joke just between the two of you. Girls get that.

Girl friends will also tell you when your boyfriend is being a butt-head and that's it's okay to cry for no reason. They're always there when you need to pick up the phone and will understand when you don't.

They tell you that they miss you: often. They will send you notes and messages to wish you a good day or to tell you that they're thinking of you. They laugh over joys and cry over sorrows - and will look forward to the next time. They welcome you home and ask about the smallest details of your life. "How are you pooping, these days?" Yes, girl friends will share it all if you ask them to.

My girl friends have come to mean the world to me and I'm so lucky to have them. We grow together and stand beside one another; regardless of age or distance. Red Rover, Red Rover, send anyone over.. as long as the girls hold our hands tight, there's nothing that can break the Power of our Might.
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