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Most Normal Girl

Friday, December 23, 2005

"Hot Normal Girl"

My neurosis is at it again. Every once in a while I will check the stats page of this blog. I like to see who is visiting this site, where they're from, how they found me, and any other information that can feed my ego.

Yesterday afternoon, someone did a MSN search for a "hot normal girl" and up popped my blog. I couldn't stop laughing. MSN had ignored the "hot" part and just found websites that had "normal" in the title. Poor guy. (I'm assuming it was a guy that did the search - I mean, who else would use the words "hot girl" in a search? So now I'm envisioning some poor guy out there who just wanted to find a "hot normal girl" and all he got was me. His Holiday Season must be shattered.)

I think I love MSN Search now. I mean, hey, if THEY want to think that I'm a "hot normal girl" I'm all for it! I've tried to do searches on other sites for my blog and I could never find the right terms to use. Well, now I've got some terms. Sweeeeet.

So, to the guy who searched for the “hot normal guy” and found me, I’m sorry if I disappointed you. If anything, consider me the consolation prize. Or just an early APRIL FOOLS!
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