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Most Normal Girl

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


When I ride the bus, I often find myself wondering about the other people who are sitting around me. For the last three days I've sat next to the same man, in the same seat. He is always reading a book and wearing a bright blue jacket. He doesn't seem to notice me much; which I like. But he pays attention to every single person who boards the bus - eyeing them up and down before returning to his novel. (He happens to be reading a US History book, by the way.)

I have also seen the same elderly woman sitting in her same seat the past three days. She's worn the same pair of pants and the same shoes each day (I notice these things). She has stringy white hair and is somewhat disshelved looking - she kind of scares me, actually. She and I get off at the same bus stop. Thankfully, she heads in the opposite direction.

Today I also noticed a different guy. He was a strange character. He was wearing black, thick-rimmed, glasses that were clipped to his baseball cap. He used one of those alligator clips to attach the side of his frames to the side of the hat - why? I really don't know. His glasses were sort of cockeyed because of it, too.

Ahhh, my bus. Oh glorious bus that is always a strange and interesting part of my day. You are always unpredictable and filled with such wonder and amusement. Your passengers are strange and interesting; how lucky for me to be among them!

Today I went to the common area of one of the buildings, here at school. I sat there with half a dozen other people, also eating their lunches. A mom was there with her infant daughter. The kid was adorable. All she could do was sit and make baby noises. (At one point, she leaned over too far and SPLAT - landed on her belly, face-first.) She had bright pink cheeks and a head full of fuzz. The mother had surrounded her with rattles, stuffed animals, educational toys, and the diaper bag. She was quite content to put them all into her mouth, every now and then looking up to smile at the world. I loved her the moment I saw her. The mom sat across from her doing work on her laptop - taking breaks to make funny noises or just smile at the baby. Each time she did, her daughter would look at her mom with this bright beaming smile that sort of said, "thank you for being so silly mom." It was really cute to watch the two of them.

I am so looking forward to the day when I get to be a mom. Just to have those tiny moments when they look up at you and the whole world is complete.

I really wish I could just take snapshots of my day and paint pictures for the world to see. Some would be funny. Some would be beautiful. Some would be filled with people to remember. And others would be just for me...
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