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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Join Me In My Psychosis, Won't You?

Happy Belated New Year's! Welcome, 2006.

To me, New Year's Eve means spending an evening playing a mean game of Spider Solitaire or Minesweeper. Trying to beat the previous years' scores is of utmost importance. Oh, and planning my wedding. The wedding that will happen - one day - but not any time soon to take fooling around on the Internet seriously. It makes me happy; makes me feel like the five-year-old little girl who dreamed about being a cheerleader one day. I got there my friends and I will get there again. (Go Spartans! Insert a high leg kick here.) I just like to pick out the skirt... er, um, so to speak.

But this year's New Year Celebration was different. I actually had company. Mom and Dad. Granted, we all fell asleep on my couch before Midnight - only to wake up for a quick hug and then off to bed. For all of you out there who did close to the same thing - ROCK ON! For the rest of you who think that I'm pathetic for falling asleep early, you can GO TO HELL BECAUSE YOU'LL GET THERE ONE DAY. Just wait.

But now, I'm more than making up for the crazy wild side. Seriously. I've been super busy with lying around - only to be interrupted by that annoying paper that is due on Monday, work every now and then, cleaning the apartment, laundry, and the occasional shower. Good form, good form.

I've been absent from writing for a while; my apologies. I'll try to be back into the swing of things shortly.
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