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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Professional Refresh

I'm at a regional conference that happens this year - every year. I LOVE COMING TO THIS as it is a way to reconnect to friends, colleagues, and others in my education industry. Not only do we all get updates about what's happening, but we get a chance to connect AND be silly (as us nerds love to do). Today was a great day - I learned about an economic forecast for the future of Higher Education, got a chance to talk with old friends, took the opportunity to network with good people, eat decent food, and do all those other conference "things" that we're not supposed to talk about. Good, good, good.

More than ever, I needed this to re-focus my passion towards my career. Sometimes life gets hectic and we forget why it is we do what we do (those long days can take their toll). But this was the boost that I was hoping to find... And it's all good...

I hope to share more later.
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