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Friday, March 09, 2007

What The Hell Is Going On?

I'm still a twenty-something year-old girl - but I'm sooo into the twenty-somethings that I may as well start calling myself pre-thirty-something. At this stage in life, I should be over acne. Right?

I don't know what is going on but some weird new form of acne is attacking me. And in strange places. I got my second zit on my back this past week (the first time I got a zit on my back was in high school and I thought it was because I had made out on a park bench - you never know what life form is living on -or under- a park bench). But then I got a zit on the bottom lid of MY EYE! MY EYE, PEOPLE! Who gets a zit on their EYE?! Do you know how totally strange and unnerving that is?!?! Do you?! And do you know what I thought when Blair so lovingly pointed it out?!?! I thought of Igor from "Young Frankenstein" (Marty Feldman did such a great job in that role) and how I was turning into a bug-eyed weirdo. "I don't want to be ugly!" I cried out before running to the bathroom to poke and prod the thing.

The zit on my back is now gone and this THING on my eye is slowly going away. But I can't help but to feel paranoid - what's next? And what the hell is going on that I'm getting acne in strange places at 28?

This old age thing sucks.
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