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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Car Full O'Crap

It seems that when you're getting married, there is always a ton of stuff to carry around. I don't even know what it all is, or why I feel I need all with me 24/7, BUT I DO. My car has become my temporary office chalk full of wedding magazines, shoes, my veil, cards, folders, letters, and papers, PAPERS, PAPERS, ALL THE PAPERS! Seriously, I don't know where it all came from.

In some weird way, I'm not embarrassed about this at all. She who used to be Miss Anal about cleanliness has the most cluttered car this side of the Mississippi. When people get in, I don't mind saying "I'm getting married" which seemingly gets immediate acceptance and understanding. Then we all throw the shit into the back seat... A treasure-hunt is in my future. Oh, that's where that picture frame went!

I think that I will rent out trunk space to anyone who might need it after the wedding. Now accepting bids.
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