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Most Normal Girl

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Today, Carrie and I were out getting some lunch. A girl passed by and both of us just gave each other that "knowing look" that says, "THAT GIRL IS WEARING THE MOST HIDEOUS OUTFIT EVER AND SHE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE SEEN IN PUBLIC. REALLY, WHO WEARS PINK FAUX VELVET PANTS, WITH A LEOPARD-PRINT SILK SHIRT, DENIM JACKET, SUN-GLASSES LARGER THAN JACKIE O's, AND UGGS?" She should've been carried off by the clothes-police or just shot.

By the way, what is the infatuation with Uggs? Ladies, DON'T WEAR them. We live in L.A. folks - it's not that freakin' cold. (Cracks me up when they wear those things with a short mini-skirt and a jacket that is too sizes too big.)
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