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Friday, September 30, 2005


I've been shot. In the left arm. Ouch.

Turns out that when you go to school, you have to make sure all of your immunization records are up-to-date. Fair enough. I handled all of that when I went to do my undergraduate work back in 1996. So, before I came out here, I had all of my records forwarded to me so that I could show my new school that I've been inoculated. (I love that word, inoculated. Inoculated. Inoculated. Inoculated. If you say it enough, it really starts to sound phunny. That's funny with a "ph".)

When I turned in these immunization records, the woman at the counter said that my Measles shot from when I was an infant was not noted on the record. Ummm... okay. She said that I would either have to call my provider to get the date sent to her office, or I would have to get another shot. Since you've already read the heading of this post, you know what happened. I didn't get the date (it's been lost in the system, somehow) and had to get the shot.

A lot of my friends that are in my Grad School program have had the same problem. Although, most of them are missing their Hepatitis shot while I was missing my Measles. We are a walking cohort of disease and plague. Sweet.

So now that I've been shot in the arm, I need to treat myself. (Because I was a big girl about it and didn't cry.) I didn't get a lollipop, so I figure I deserve something a little better. ...Where's the cheesecake?
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