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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things I've Noticed

Here is a list of things that I have observed or taken special note of, since living on the East Coast:

1. Toilet seat covers (you know, the paper ones) can ONLY be found in the airport. -It's completely changed my entire going-to-the-bathroom-routine.
2. Local headline news talks about issues such as a woman's cat being shot by a BB gun. This is a good thing - I got used to hearing about PEOPLE being shot at, in L.A.
3. Buses are anywhere between 5 minutes and 45 minutes late.
4. Nobody is ever in a hurry - they...go...especially...slow.
5. California is GLAMOROUS. I sort of always knew this - but, wow, people out here really have no idea how UNglamorous it really can be.
6. The streets are permanently bad - potholes, tree roots uprooting sidewalks, broken cement, cobblestone/brick streets where the cobblestones/bricks are missing... AND IT'S NOT EVEN BAD WEATHER, YET.
7. Cars have the right to run over you if you do not obey the cross-walk signal. That means, watch out!
8. Fast food restaurants are hard to find. Again, this is a good thing. Um, unless you like fast food... yeah...
9. Parking, anywhere, is expensive and hard to find. Not that I should care; I don't have a car.
10. One way streets are EVERYWHERE - which applies to bicycles, too.
11. Streets are not in a grid pattern -- no, no, they go around in circles sometimes. Just for fun, they even change their name along the way, too!
12. The leaves start to change color in mid-September. There is an anticipation in the air for the fall to come... It's palpable. And VERY exciting.
13. Cemeteries are at every turn. There are a lot of dead people over here - some of them even live next door!
14. All the grocery stores have different names. I had to sign up for rewards points for all new stores.
15. Things are just as expensive out here as they are out there. Which means, I'M BROKE.
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