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Monday, October 03, 2005

This Is Why I Need A Man

If you could have seen what I just went through, you would understand why I need a man... I was even laughing at myself.

I got a rack in the bike room (YAY)! So, I put the sticker on it, figured out how to get there (go down to G2 - which is not accessible by every elevator - turn right down one corridor, turn left down another, go through the exit door, make another right, say hello to the Egyptians on your way to BFE) and finally I made it. The bike room is... a garage/storage room where bikes are on the walls EVERYWHERE. And almost every bike is ON THE WALL. I find my space and try to figure out how the hell I'm going to put my bike on the wall.

After thinking about the situation - which included trying to figure out how I'm going to haul the thing up there, manuever between the other two bikes which are on either side, and how after I get it up there I'm going to LOCK it in place... I decided to just do it. That's what Nike always said - just do it. So, I did it. Or rather, I tried it.

It turns out I'm not the strongest (physically) woman on the planet and my bike is heavier than I thought it was. Mind you, it's a little warm outside and I'm wearing a tank top. I tried to rest the weight of the bike on my shoulder while turning the front tire in place. After about 5 attempts, I had to rest. Even God rested. At this point, I'm looking around to make sure there are no cameras around which could be taping me in my moments of glory. (There are cameras in the elevators which I am accutely aware of - not because I would ever doing anything wrong, but just KNOWING someone is watching me makes me a little weird.) After a little while, I attempt it again. A few tries later, I had the bike on the wall.

It's my day off, so I haven't showered. And now I'm sweating because of my lack of strength. And I'm wearing the tank top so my right shoulder is covered in tire marks and bike dirt. My muscles are shaking because of the strain. My hair is a mess, my clothes are mess and I stink. I know, I know, I AM CUTE.

I've just made it up to my apartment and am laughing at my accomplishment. I swear, even though it was just a bike, I feel as though I just climbed Mount Everest. ...Little things, people, excite me...

This, though, is the reason why I need a man in my life; so that I don't have to worry about the bike on the wall. Seriously, after what I just went through I don't want to take it off the wall to ride! It's too much work to get it back up there.
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